Parkour - fluid motion over, under and around obstacles.

Play Hard Gym is a dedicated facility to the art and training of parkour and free running. Our unique 1500 sq. ft. obstacle course allows you to train and try new tricks. Every element has been built with the free runner in mind to run up, vault over, flip off, and land on. We also feature a 1000 sq. ft. spring floor on which to gain new acrobatic skills safely.

Swing Leap

Class Schedule:
8-9pm Tuesday - All levels, age 8 and up
12:30-1:30pm Saturday - Adult Parkour (ages 14+): all levels
1:30-2:30pm Saturday - Youth Parkour (age 8-14): all levels
1:00-2:00pm Sunday - Adult Parkour
2:00-3:00pm Sunday - Youth Parkour